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Caroline's New 5 Song EP "The Journey" was    released  on May 29,  2023!   
It is available to download and stream on all platforms!

EP Release Party on Cape Cod

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EP Release Party near Boston


Check out what people are saying about Caroline's new EP "The Journey"......

EP Review by Karen Bernardello  "Film Factual"

Completely immersing listeners in the most emotional shared human life experiences through detailed imagery is a talent that not all musicians naturally possess. But Cape Cod-based singer-songwriter, Caroline Brennan did just that by crafting unique arrangements that compliment her relatable lyrics, which powerfully reflect her personal experiences, on her upcoming five-track Americana EP, ‘The Journey.’....

"The gentle wisdom, humility and warmth that Brennan infuses into her latest collection of tunes makes it both profound and lighthearted...."

EP Review by Lisa Hafey "Essentially Pop"

"Caroline Brennan’s new EP ‘The Journey’ is underpinned with a deep message of hope. Out through Zephyr Sound, the 5 song record acknowledges themes of struggle and sadness, while remaining true to its convictions that light and joy are able to reach through the darkness."

EP Review by Hunter Zane "Screen Legion"

"Brennan proves she’s just as comfortable delivering a ballad as she is getting down at a bar on Saturday night. And, this kind of versatility will continue to take her far...... "

"Brennan takes her listeners on a journey of emotions on this release. From upbeat and feel-good to introspective and somber, Brennan captains the ship seamlessly.... "

"She proves time and again that she is just as comfortable delivering a three-minute, radio-ready single as she is delivering a gut-wrenching number. And, that duality certainly shines through...."

"Brennan skillfully manages to convey that (human life) experience through music, in all of its painful, powerful glory...."

EP Review by Randy Radic  "Guitar Girl Magazine"

"Wonderfully wrought, The Journey reveals the delicious, drawling voice of Caroline Brennan, captivating listeners with its palpable emotion."

EP Review by Joshua Macala "Raised by Cassettes"

"What's most interesting in these lyrics is that Caroline Brennan is from Cape Cod and as such many of the lyrics (such as on "Swim To Shore") can be water-based.   I've never really thought about country music in a beach way and so that gives this EP a new overall feeling.

Whether you're in it for the country sound or the lyrics to remind you of the beach, the sunshine and just better times, this EP has a certain energy about it that just feels so positive it's difficult not to like it."


After launching her debut album, "Leap", in 2015, Caroline has become an award winning songwriter, receiving various recognitions and performing in locations throughout Massachusetts.  Her music has been played on multiple radio stations, including Cat Wilson's show "The Cheap Seats" on Cape's Ocean 104.7, WROL Radio in Boston, and WMFO 91.5, and WKDW 97.5 Radio in Florida.

On Saturday, April 16, 2016, Caroline's album "Leap" was announced as "Runner Up" for "Debut Album of the Year" at the 8th Annual Limelight Magazine Awards at the Spire Performing Arts Center in Plymouth, MA.

In June 2016, Caroline's original song "Summer Night" was chosen as "Finalist" in the Pop category for the 2016 American Songwriting Awards.
In December 2016, Caroline's original song "Summer Night" was chosen as "Runner Up" in the 2016 "Song of the Year" Songwriting Contest.
In May of 2017, Caroline's original song "Kind of Man" was chosen as a Finalist and Judge's Choice Winner in the 2017 Eventide Songwriting Competition.

MARCH 12, 2017.     CAROLINE'S SONG "KIND OF MAN" ON CAPE'S OCEAN 104.7 by Cat Wilson via "The Cheap Seats"   (jump to minute 49) Listen to Caroline's music on Cape Cod Radio, Ocean 104.7 "The Cheap Seats"

Sunday, October 18, 2015     CAROLINE'S SONG "KIND OF MAN" ON CAPE'S OCEAN 104.7 by Cat Wilson via "The Cheap Seats"   (jump to minute 29) Listen to Caroline's music on Cape Cod Radio, Ocean 104.7 "The Cheap Seats"

Saturday, October 17, 2015    CAPE COD CD RELEASE PARTY                                                                        O'Shea's Olde Inne in West Dennis, MA

Week of August 31, 2015         IRISH EMIGRANT ARTICLE

Sunday, August 23, 2015       ALBUM RELEASE PARTY

                                                   Kelly's Cellar, Quincy, MA

Sunday, August 16, 2015       WROL INTERVIEW


Caroline's Radio Interview on WROL with Johnnie Costello


Sunday, July 28, 2015     "QUINCY ROCKS" Concert (Quincy, MA)                                        

"Summer Night"



"Kind of Man"



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