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DEBUT ALBUM:  "LEAP"              

10 original songs with a bonus duet track of
the "
Saw Docto
rs" song "Green and Red of Mayo"

Album Leap.jpeg

NEW EP RELEASE:  "The Journey"              
10 original songs with a bonus duet track of
the "
Saw Doctors" song "Green and Red of Mayo"


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Album "LEAP" honored as "RUNNER UP" for Limelight Magazine's 2016 "Debut Album of the Year" 

"SUMMER NIGHT" honored as RUNNER UP in the 2016 "Song of the Year" Songwriting Contest
"SUMMER NIGHT" honored as a FINALIST in the 2016 American Songwriting Awards
"KIND OF MAN" chosen as a FINALIST and JUDGE'S CHOICE WINNER in the 2017 Eventide Songwriting Competition

new original 5 Song EP RELEASED MAY 29, 2023

"GOING BACK" (written by Caroline Brennan)
It' didn't matter what my friends said about you
Or how many times you let me down
Or how so many things you said were untrue
I'd always come back to you

You're the reason for so many tears
And my mom would say a waste of my best years
And even though I know you're bad for me
I keep giving you the best of me.

Some ask why I keep going back, going back to try
I guess I pray that some day you'll become the man
keep telling them you are

Despite all the lame excuses I make for you
And how many times you broke my heart in two
And the heavy baggage that you ma
ke me carry
I still keep coming back to you

With all the dark days that I've survived
All it takes is one good day for me to justify


"BREAK ALL THE RULES" (written by Caroline Brennan) 

They say you need some time to mend your heart

But we can't deny there's more than just a spark

Let's cast aside the fears that make us wait

We're sitting here so why not test fate?



I wanna jump in with no way to float

I want us to run from all the "no's"

I want us to fly to the finish line and win

Throw our arms up in the air and scream until our voices fail

I want to just love till the crowds call us fools

Let's break all the rules.

It takes a lot of strength to swim upstream

And hold your head up high so you can breathe

Don't fear, the dark is only a mirage

The future's not only bright, it's ours.        

BRIDGE:  A broken heart can build up a wall

Let's bang the hell out of it till it falls


"BREATHE HAPPY IN" (written by Caroline Brennan) 

*aka the "Cape Cod Song" 

Across the canal, they come in droves, to fill their sails, and heal their souls

The city lights they leave behind, set aside their schedules and just waste time

The beaches fill with sounds and colors, the sand between their tired toes

The coastal din is a perfect symphony that helps to drown out life's woes



You should see the sun go down on Cape Cod Bay, Let your face get drenched by the ocean spray

Let the salty air coat your winter weary skin, Exhale your worries and breathe happy in

A brisk morning ride on the rail trail, a little put-put in the afternoon

The colored chairs line the shore for the chance to see God's masterpiece do its dance

On the rainy days, the shops are buzzing with people buying nothing they need

The busy roads all lead to far away, it's doesn't matter where you're going.     CHORUS

The slow setting sun paints the sky while the local music scene comes alive

Entertaining the sun-soaked crowds till that closing time bell rings aloud

Singing Sweet Caroline all summer long, they all love to sing "Bam, Bam, Bam"

A little Chesney, Zac, and Jimmy Buffet songs with everybody singing along.   CHORUS

"NO LONGER BLUE" (written by Caroline Brennan)
It's Saturday night and the perfect time
to leave all your worries and troubles behind
The band and the bartender know what to do
They play and they pour till we're no longer blue.

Some are here to mingle and find someone new
Some are broken-hearted and they just need time to brood
Some are here because they just don't want to be alone
Some you have to beg to go when it's time to close     

Some are here to dance no matter what the song
Some are here to ponder what path their life is on
Some are here cause music fills their souls
Some are here because it's like their second home.   

We're all here for different reasons,
we walk in with different feelings
By the time we leave, we're good as new
cause we're no longer blue.
"SWIM TO SHORE" (written by Caroline Brennan) 
I didn't think there'd come a time when I'd have to convince myself I'm fine
You'd become a distant memory, like a faded photo I hadn't meant to keep
You sped away with her in some drunken smoky haze
Leaving me behind to tread water in your wake.
I'm telling myself now what I deserve is more, but for now, I'll swim to shore.

The first 8 years felt like a dream, I couldn't quite believe that you were mine
The newness became old and your best behavior started to unwind.
I watched the water seep in, but I didn't see us sinking
as if closing my eyes would stop the storm
Some day I'll realize what all this was for, but for now, I'll swim to shore.
A few more tears, an ice cold beer and a night out with the girls
Will be all I'll need to shift my life back into forward gear
I'll put you in my rearview and even though I'm sore, I will swim to shore.  

You were not my last dance, I know this to be true.
I've conquered worse than this, and I'll survive this too.   CHORUS

"SUMMER NIGHT" (Written by Caroline Brennan)
There’s something bout this summer night, the stars are shining extra bright
The moon is glowing all the while knowing, that it’s here for you and me
This warm breeze carries me to the place I want to be, sitting here with you next to me
Let’s go to a Tiki Bar where Chesney’s strumming on guitar
The locals sing along like it’s their favorite song
They’ll pour us a tall glass of rum and maybe you can be the one
Who sweeps me off my feet tonight and dances with me till dawn     CHORUS
Let’s go walk the sandy beach and throw the shells into the sea
And watch the waves curl into a white frothy foam
Then maybe if you’re feeling it, A kiss you might be stealing it
I don’t want this to ever end so let’s not wake the sun just yet        CHORUS
I catch you staring at my face, you smile and then you look away
I sigh and then I realize.... I am falling for you.                                   CHORUS
"KIND OF MAN" (written by Caroline Brennan)
I’ve been down this road before / You wine and dine me, with one foot out the door
You think it’s fine to hurt me if you call me hun / You’re the kind of man I stay away from
I’ve wasted so much of my life / giving guys like you too much of my time
Just because I’m smiling doesn’t mean you’ve won, You’re the kind of man I stay away from
So don’t bother with your sweet words, they’ll just be wasted
I know enough now, I’ll just escape it
Your jar of trouble won’t be opening anywhere near me
I was blind but now I see / You’re not the kind of man for me
I see the mischief in your eyes / Your handsome face disguises too many lies
In your mind, this is just a harmless game, / please go back from where you came   CHORUS
You shouldn’t worry where our  story will end / I’m  walking out the door before it begins

Finalist and Judge's Choice Winner

"PAINT RED THIS TOWN" (written by Caroline Brennan)



It’s early, we don’t have to go home yet / we have twenty new friends we  just  met

and the beer is flowing and the music’s loud, so let’s paint red this town


We all know that Monday comes too soon, and the bills and deadlines are waiting  too

But right now we have just one thing to do, stay up longer than the moon                


We’ll drink to celebrate  what  we  have, and we’ll let the  music drown away  the  sad

We’ll keep yelling for one more  song, and we’ll dance all night long                          



How bout another round, keep the party going on   






“BROKEN PARTS” (Written by Caroline Brennan)


It’s 3 am and you’re calling me, / Why do I answer the phone?

You’re drunk again, telling me she’s gone and why you want to come back home

You want to talk of what went wrong with us and that you’re still in love with me

But I know when the whiskey wears off, You won’t remember calling me



Just so you know, I’m over you / You no longer have my heart.

Even though you’ll always have a piece of meI left you only broken parts


You’re my past and I don’t have regrets /  This heartbreak helped me grow

Messing up with you just showed me how To really love someone new

I’m saving the best parts of me to give to someone who

Will hold my heart like a treasure piece, and won’t ever let it go         CHORUS






"FIND ME" (written by Caroline Brennan)


Summer’s over and you chose her and the bitter air is here

It’s been a long road I have wasted and I’m done now my dear

We went down two different pathways and then froze where we stood

There is so much that is broken And I’m done now for good

When you’ve realized what is missing and you reach out for me.

You won’t find me, you won’t find me, I’ll be long gone by then


In the winter when the snow falls I will bury the memories

Of us laughing, of us crying, of the way you looked at me

I'll nestle in this dark place as long as I can

I’ll repair what is broken till I’m ready to stand

If one day, you ask me if I still care 

You won’t find me, you won’t find me, I’ll be breathing in new air


In the springtime when there’s new life and the world is all mine

And the sun shines on my face as I leave the past behind 

I'll walk with my head high and smile as I go

For there’s hope in the future And new love down the road

And one day, searching for me, he will be the one

I know he’ll find me, know he’ll find me, And we will fall in love.




"TURN THE SILENCE DOWN" (written by Caroline Brennan)



Will you turn the silence down? / 'Cause I can’t bear the sound

Of all these thoughts inside my head just spinning round and round

Will you turn the silence down? / 'Cause it’s so damn loud

That’s where all my fears and insecurities are found

Please turn the silence down


I sometimes like the noise that fills this busy world

It keeps the doubt from creeping in and slowly taking hold

I still have some days when I can’t find my voice

When my weakness makes me feel like I don’t have a choice       CHORUS


I lost someone I loved when they were way too young

And I still have those moments when I can’t believe they’re gone

I know it might sound strange but the quiet makes me think

Of all the time we lost and then I’m overwhelmed with grief        CHORUS



Distractions push me on /  I keep walking towards the sounds         CHORUS




"LOVE IS LOVE" (written by Caroline Brennan)


The mind can take you to an awful place with bias, judgment, anger and hate

We’ll conquer those thoughts and rise above, Cause we are all family, and love is love.



No limits, no boundaries, No color, no terms, only this simple truth we must learn

Our differences just make us strong, Love breaks down walls, and pushes us on.


The lines in the world may seem very dark, It’s easy just to tear each other apart

We’ll find a way to care instead, Cause Love is Love, and it has no end


Sometimes fear may make us mean, but life isnt’ always what it seems

Let’s seek to understand what we don't know,

cause the future comes from the seeds we sow.




"CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LIFE" (written by Caroline Brennan)
In this crazy little thing called life, I will be happy if you promise
To always stay by my side and be my best friend until I die
I promise you I'll always be true to you until the ocean's dry
And everything's gone away and all the little birds have lost their way.
Hold on tight for this amazing ride, Crazy little thing called Life
In this crazy little thing called life, there is nothing that I cannot handle
If you just hold my hand, remind me of all the blessings we have
Maybe some lucky day, a little one will come along that we can
See each other's faces in and spend our lives loving endlessly         CHORUS
In this crazy little thing called life, we could travel to amazing places
Eat and drink until we're full of all that life has to offer us
Maybe we'll even find a beautiful spot where we can live the
golden years of our lives and watching the sun set in the sky         CHORUS
"I’LL STILL LEAP" (written by Caroline Brennan)
I met you, you smiled and you kept coming round, 
You were a lost piece I’d finally found
You somehow brought out the best version of me 
And I know that in love there’s no guarantee
But I’ll still leap.     But I’ll still leap
I waited till you were ready to fall / Then I told you I loved you, forever I saw
We both have our demons, our pasts and our flaws
Our lives won’t be perfect, we’ll be risking it all             CHORUS
The world may not always be on our side / 
We may have dark days, when it seems there’s no light
There will be times when you’ll have to hold tight
When the hills seem so steep and we’re all out of fight          CHORUS
The future is always uncertain, and life will deal its fair amount of pain
The future is so uncertain, and life will deal its fair amount of pain             CHORUS

"MY HOME IN YOU" (Written by Caroline Brennan)


It was your eyes, that sea of blue, that made me fall in love with you       

It was your smile, that devil grin, like you were keeping secrets in

It was your heart that made me see, being with you was all I’d ever need(repeat last line)



I’ve travelled through the fields of heart-ache / Not knowing which road would lead to you

My heart was homeless, lost and confused / But now my heart has its home in you.  

now my heart has its home in you. 


When you feel sad, I’ll find a way to make you laugh at least once a day

When you are tired and the road is long, Just lean on me, I’ll carry on

When we are gray, and moving slow, I’ll hold your hand wherever we go (repeat last line) 




"GREEN AND RED OF MAYO"  (Duet with Sean Brennan)
(written by David Carton, Brendan Leo Mary Moran)
Oh the green and red of Mayo, I can see it still
It's soft and craggy boglands, it's tall majestic hills
Where the ocean kisses Ireland, the waves caress its shore
Oh the feeling it came over me to stay forevermore, forevermore


From its rolling coastal waters, I can see Croagh Patrick's peak

Where one Sunday every summer, the pilgrims climb the reek

Where St. Patrick in its solitude looked out across Clew Bay

With the ringing of his bell, called the faithful there to pray, there to pray
Take me to Clare Island, the home of Granuaille
Its waters harbour fishes from the herring to the whale
And now I must depart it and reality is plain
May the time not pass so slowly till I set sail again, set sail again.
Oh the green and red of Mayo, I can see it still
It's soft and craggy boglands, it's tall majestic hills
Where the ocean kisses Ireland, the waves caress its shore
Oh the feeling it came over me to stay forevermore, forevermore


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